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My how things change in one month...

First, the obligatory apology for not posting in over a month. Now that we've gotten that out of the way...

As you may have heard, we've moved to Madison. I've taken a job with the State and Kaye with a credit union. Charlotte has made the transition fairly well...probably better than her father. Her new day care is a brand new facility with all the bells and whistles, including little tiny flush toilets [very funny stuff]. We're very happy with it. It seems to be a very young staff, so there are little things that we had gotten used to [read: taken for granted] over the past year or so at her day care in La Crosse, which we miss. These are things that a parent understands but a 19 year old might not. But, she's surviving nicely.

Kaye's job seems to be going well. She started several weeks before I did, so she had some time to get herself acquainted with the area before I got here. My job is a HUGE change for me and the learning curve is fairly steep. The people working for me and around me seem to understand and are helping me figure things out.

Lastly let me say we had a lot of help from friends in our move and I can't thank them enough. My mother was in La Crosse several times while Kaye was gone and not only helped me with Charlotte but also packed a whole lot of boxed for us. Several people showed up the day of the move including several who followed us to Madison to help unpack. Again, I can't thank everyone enough for all your help. You made what was already a very stressful time a whole lot less painful [both physically and psychologically]. Thanks.

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Amanda said...

It is good to hear that she is doing well in the new daycare- we miss her, and you guys too!